Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Formerly a feast observed 18 December. It originated in Spain, when the feast of the Annunciation (25 March) was transferFed to 18 December because of the regulation forbidding feasts in Lent, and remained on this date after the Annunciation was again celebrated on its original date. It impressed on the faithful the sentiments of the Blessed Virgin as the time of her delivery approached.

Can We Celebrate Christmas? -1

“Don’t celebrate Christmas. It has a pagan background!” Iglesia Ni Cristo, Dating Daan, Jehovas Witnesses and Seventh day Adventists are not ready to celebrate Christmas with the whole world as they believe the birthday of Jesus is not written in the Bible and some practices related to this celebration, has its pagan background! In order to realize the foolishness of their stand we have to analyze some facts (historical and biblical, commonsense and reason) related to the celebration of Christmas on 25th December.

As we all know, the birth of Jesus is written in the Bible; not its day and date. We celebrate Christmas on 25th of December not because that particular ‘date’ is important, but the event that we remember on that date, which divided the history in to two, is very essential for our salvation. The Bible doesn’t say exact date of Christ’s birth as December 25, and even the calendar that we use today was not in existence at that time! Just like any other feasts in the Catholic Church, (Good Friday, Easter Sunday etc…) we commemorate biblical events in deferent days of the liturgical calendar, not because that ‘dates and days’ have something to do with our salvation, but those events that we commemorate, are essential mysteries for our salvation.