Sunday, January 24, 2010


When I started this blog 3 years ago in 2007, I didn't know the do's and don'ts of blogging. I don't know how to use backlinks,tags, credit article sources etc. I only learn the basics of blogging a year ago when I studied SEO.

If I wasn't able to appropriately credit persons, resources, websites and other blogs; I sincerely apologize I've unknowingly didn't give the proper credits out of 'ignorance' now that I know rest assured that the proper credits will be given in my current and future posts.

I've put up this blog to express the richness of the Catholic faith, if there are other denominations or 'cults' who are offended then you're not welcome here! I used to have online debates with other sects before I don't have time for that as I'm handling 2 jobs and I have a family to take care off, engaging in online debates will eat much of my time. As for the question of 'salvation' 'are you saved?' 'will you be able to enter heaven?' blah blah blah! This questions are already redundant! These are already been answered by great Catholic Apologists at group discussions at friendster and facebook, you will also these good Catholic Apologists at Katoliko Defensor VS Bro Eli Soriano. Post your questions and arguments there!!

If your just gonna slam the Catholic faith and the Catholic faithful on my blog then GET OUT!!! Go here and get ready to face great Catholic Apologists just make sure that you won't be running away at the end!! lol!!