Friday, February 5, 2010

May Bukas Pa

This multi awarded drama on ABS CBN has always been my favorite soap since it was shown on February 2009. Even my sons like the show's protagonist a boy named Santino (played by child actor Zaijian Jaranilla)and of course the show has made my son's closer to 'Bro' (Jesus Christ).

This show has made 'God more real' and more accessible to ordinary persons. The story was derived from the story 'Marcelino Pan Y Vino' but with a different twist. Tonight 'May Bukas Pa' folded up (with high TV ratings!, it's the only soap opera in the Philippines that run for 1 year on Philippine TV!), I felt sad because it is the only show that teaches good morale values to televiewers. But all good things must come to an end. The show has ended but I will forever remember the good values that I've learned from my favorite soap and I will forever remember Zaijian Jaranilla as 'Santino' the boy who befriended 'Bro.'

There is just one thing that I'm sure of 'Bro' is always with us. As Santino would always say 'No.1 Ka Talaga Bro!' (You're number 1 Bro! or 'You're number 1 Jesus!)