Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm MAD This Evening!!!

Ok,Ok!! I know this is a Catholic blog but I can't helped being annoyed,I'm only human right??

I'm asking something (it's too embarrassing to mention my request here,it is something from the bathroom) from my husband,I know he's watching TV and he's so focused so probably he didn't catch what I'm saying alright that's fine! After sometime I repeated my request again, still no response;I still kept my cool. Finally after 30 minutes I went downstairs to ask again for my 'request',there I was talking in front of him but still no response! He's still not paying attention,so glued to the tv program that he watches,I feel like I was talking to no one (I feel like I'm not existing at all!!!!).

Finally,I repeated my 'request' this time with a firm voice and finally he came back to his senses. I told my husband that finally after the 'enth time' he finally heard what I'm saying. He gave me my 'request' without any apologies at all but alright I'm used to it!

As for me,no matter how busy I am or even if I'm watching my favorite Korean drama I try to take time to response or to say hello if somebody is talking too me. Every minute is precious,life is too short...