Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye Father James Reuter

Goodbye Fr. James Reuter, may you rest in peace. Your love for the Philippines and Filipinos was legendary.

Father Reuter is an institution in the Philippines. As he received this award I watched with admiration and I wondered: what makes him so great? Is it the heroism he showed when as a seminarian who had just arrived from the US at the beginning of World War II he faced 5 years in a Japanese concentration camp and near death? Is it the 70 years of his life he has dedicated to serving the Philippine people : the priest, the educator, the pioneer in media, the street missionary? Well, yes, but still so much more. Yet the more is so simple. As he sat in his wheel chair at 93 years old he was luminous: with the love of Christ, the love of Mama Mary, the love of people. Yet he was so transparent, so human and so practical. He is just himself. He didn’t say it, but I saw a glimpse: “Not I who live but Christ who lives in me”

Credits: Family Rosary